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An individual who commits a crime of a serious nature, such as Burglary or murder. A person who commits a felony.

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n. a person who has been convicted of a felony, which is a crime punishable by death or a term in state or federal prison. (See: felony)

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a person who has committed a FELONY.
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An example of such an expedited process would allow for immediate filing, a short court date (seven days or less) and a short appeal period (seven days or less, if the State requires such an appeal period), Whitlow says.
Whitlow added that a transition is easier in a vertically integrated company, where you can get exposure to a variety of different disciplines--including asset management.
* The natural history of the untreated, uncomplicated herpetic whitlow is complete clearance within 2 to 3 weeks.
Whitlow will be presenting his county and England shirts to Alnwick Rugby Club, Meanwhile, county under-16 players Callum Chick (Ponteland RFC and Ponteland High School) and James Orritt (Blaydon RFC and Dame Allan's School) were selected to play for England squads over the Easter period.
Clients aren't required to report back to Job Connections when they secure a job, but they often want to anyway because of the relationship they form with Job Connections employees, Whitlow said.
Corto Olive's process of super high density production, which gets the olives from the trees to the mill quickly, provides a better economy of scale and a better yield, which Whitlow says helps produce better quality oil.
Dunbar and Whitlow scored 38 points to beat Davies and Kevin Jones from Northop by one with John Froom and Phil South from Nefyn third on 32.
The lesion was a herpetic whitlow caused by infection from her mother biting the child's nails.
Attorney and novelist Robert Whitlow's background makes him the perfect author for a novel exploring the legal system and the influence of dreams in MOUNTAIN TOP, a novel telling of mysterious visions which plague Sam and land him in jail for crimes he appears to know too much about.
"When people are paying that kind of money, they don't want the same thing everybody else has" says Ken Whitlow, owner of WaterColors LLC in Lilburn, Ga.