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In case the reader is still unconvinced, the authors' final argument is that even though the accident figures may still look good, the day of reckoning is not far off, since the "margin of safety" keeps being whittled away.
which have built about half the new generation here for the past several years, are starting to move into the privatization arena, as slower domestic growth and competition have consistently whittled away their returns.
People should be making their own retirement plans rather than factoring in property and wealth that could be whittled away by the cost of care and inheritance tax.
As millionaires get a huge tax cut, disabled people are seeing their benefits callously withdrawn and whittled away.
However, Hull have stuck to their guns while Stourbridge have shown indifferent form of late, which has seen their lead whittled away and a win for Ionians would hand them the impetus to snatch the title.
The Owls (21-5) whittled away and tied the game at 59 on a jumper by Matt Devine with 1:49 left.
They don't appear to have gelled in the way the other manufactured act One Direction have and with the weaker performers having been whittled away there may be no hiding place this time around.
It's virtually impossible for anyone to win pounds 1 million or, indeed, walk away with any money at all, because so much of it is whittled away by eight t o u g h q u e s -tions.
Villa have seen what was a six-point lead over Arsenal for the last Champions League spot whittled away.
Concerns have mounted that insurers' capital strength could be whittled away by tumbling share prices.
Concerns have mounted that the insurers' capital strength could be whittled away by tumbling share prices amid the economic downturn.