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If you've never used a whiz wheel, it has two main parts: a circular slide rule side for making quick airspeed and density altitude calculations (to name two), plus a wind side for computing groundspeed and wind correction angle.
Just two weeks ago, Amber Rose tweeted a photo of herself and Whiz Kalifa in a sweet embrace, with their eyes closed.
What will become of Gee Whiz if/when her brother goes to Vietnam?
Further additions to the autumn range include two new frames in Chantelle, 10 in Universal, seven in Julian Beaumont and three in Whiz Kids.
Whiz massaged the spongy blond bristles atop Victor's head, handed my brother a nicked helmet.
The packet on the left will "contain the Whiz Brothers
ALTERNATIVELY COMPLETE THE COUPON IN BLOCK CAPITALS AND SEND IT TO: Sunday Mirror, Slimline Watches / Pedi Whiz / Path Lighter Cane offer (MIS035), Belton Road West, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 5XL
In the current fiscal, Whiz Mantra and Transfusion is all set to transform the minds of over 50,000 young children through its unique mental mathematics and other programs.
METHOD: Whiz the flour, almonds, salt and butter in a food processor.
Just in time for Pride--and its smelly port-a-potties that are nowhere near woman-friendly--comes the amazing Whiz Plus, a stand-to-pee device that lets you pee anywhere a guy can.
At the first-ever Ski Whiz snowmobile exhibition held last February in Bellechester, Minn.