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Whizz, who sadly passed away earlier this month aged 12 after suffering cancer, spent most of his life patrolling both sides of the Bristol Channel and the river Severn with the Royal Navy Rescue, the Severn Area Rescue Association and the Marine Volunteer Service.
Whizz Systems is a product development company offering custom electronic hardware / system level design services.
But Whizz could now win even greater plaudits after being nominated for the Rescue Animal of the Year gong at the Daily Mirror's Animal Hero Awards.
At 33-1 I can't resist a few quid on Dr Whizz as well.
We wish the runners from Anthony Collins every success in their fundraising quest for the fantastic charity that is Whizz Kidz.
Whizz instinctively sensed trouble and Hoff meets life saver Whizz dived in to help the struggling pet without being told.
The no-nonsense pair attend the Teesside branch of Whizz Kidz, based in Hartlepool, where they got involved in a campaign against rogue drivers parking in disabled bays.
That was only a second chase start, and win, and his trainer is unsure whether he has enough experience to defeat Punchestown festival winner Dr Whizz.
Kare said: "I just really wanted to help other children similar to me' and so proposed that Whizz Kidz, a disabled children's charity, be the destination of the proceeds.
A close battle in IRC Class Two saw Richard Mann's Toledo II Defiance edge out the Formula 28 Billy Whizz by just five seconds.
Supermodel Erin O'Connor helps eight-year-old Shane Monaghan from Stourbridge in an egg hunt at the opening of the Birmingham Whizz Kidz Centre in Selly Oak
Whizz Kids'' mission is to transform the lives of disabled children by providing the equipment, support and life skills they need, when they need them - giving them the chance to develop to their full potential.