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Whoever did this may have thought the rabbits would be able to live in the wild - but domesticated rabbits would struggle to survive.
No one is going to turn down the chance to play in a World Cup so I am not blaming Burgess for this - he was ill-advised and whoever did that should be ashamed.
Wayne Kerry I really hope whoever did this gets caught.
The saying is familiar enough because it occurs, in one form or another, both in Matthew: "Whoever receives you receives me, and whoever receives me receives the one who sent me" (Mt 10:40; cf 18:5) and in Luke: "Whoever listens to you listens to me.
So come on whoever is in charge, we don't like this time of kick-off, I am not a rugby fan, I haven't got much interest in the Six Nations now, keep the roof closed.
In his message, Sadr told Iraqi Christians that whoever attacked their church is not related to Islam and does not practice Islam's morals, such practices reflect ignorance, grudge with no sense of rationality.
I wove relationships into cotton thread I didn't break whoever I
And they are appealing to whoever has it to hand it in.
I would suggest that whoever is in government, whoever is the Chief Executive, or whoever are in the government team, will have to face a similar problem, so this is a more fundamental challenge to Hong Kong, he said.
Air Arabia has an option from the UAE to provide visit visas along with their tickets whoever visits the UAE from India.
Whoever did this obviously had no concern over the stress and upset this has caused myself and my family.
The statement confirmed the determination of the Saudi government on establishing security, achieving justice and implementing Sharia provisions against whoever infringes on innocent people's rights and sheds their blood.