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SPRINGFIELD CREAMERY/NANCY'S New products: Organic whole milk vanilla yogurt, cottage cheese and kefir Website: www.
With whole milk and dark chocolate flakes, Chobani's Indulgent line takes aim at ice cream.
The authors point out that there are only a few clinical trials that have looked at the benefits of reduced-fat milk compared to whole milk.
Researchers said that a person may feel less full after drinking low-fat milk than if they'd had whole milk, making them more likely to consume additional calories.
Transitions Whole Milk is the first milk of its kind with a nutrient blend that contains iron, for healthy growth and development, and prebiotics, which support digestion with two glasses a day, Smart Balance said.
DOE and these elementary school principals, in collaboration with the DOHMH Bronx District Public Health Office, local community organizations, and other local advocates, convened meetings to assess the feasibility and potential health impact of limiting the availability of whole milk in schools.
I find it difficult to understand why the hormone content of skim milk is greater than that of 2% low-fat milk, which in turn is greater than whole milk ("Scientists find a soup of suspects while probing milk's link to cancer," SN: 3/28/09, p.
WE'RE taking a bite out of the credit crunch today with a free loaf of bread and a free pint of whole milk at Netto for every reader.
Fat Free, Low Fat, and Whole Milk Organic Yogurt cups (all flavors); 32-oz.
My mother said that my cousin needs whole milk for his bones.