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CYRIL MITCHELL was described as "a wholehearted horseman and devoted family man" by Sir Peter O'Sullevan when he gave the
While the EPA's solution, ethanol, does not get wholehearted endorsement from toxicologists, neither does the use of oxygenated fuels.
Much speculation has surrounded the issue of wholehearted commitment to standards on the part of FC switch market leader Brocade.
Then again, since putting troops on the ground in Bosnia so obviously supports the clear and unequivocal strategic direction the Clinton administration has set for the country, why would anyone doubt for a moment that even the most obstreperous, self-serving member of Congress would, in the end, give wholehearted, civic-minded endorsement to the proposed military actions of this president in particular?
Suffice it to say that the British first brought it, that no American company at that time was ready to do it, and that (together with the Royal Ballet's staging of the full-length Swan Lake) its wholehearted acceptance changed the face of ballet on this continent.
Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, was selected for its wholehearted support of EMT Connect since its creation, assistance in outlining key functionalities and persistence in creating vast content for its VIP pages, which demonstrate a keen knowledge of today's market and the school's audience.
He said that we could restored the beauty of Quetta through plantation of trees, so we have to take wholehearted part in it.
The United Nations celebrates its 70th anniversary this week, and it deserves our wholehearted support for trying to be a force for good, if not our wholehearted congratulations on its modest delivery on its aspirational aims.
But I am pleased to give the chosen candidate my wholehearted support.
Derek Johnson did indeed deliver leaflets in opposition to the council's proposals to merge Baverstock and Kings Norton High schools, yet days earlier we'd received leaflets proclaiming his wholehearted support for the project.
But it is no insult to their generous and wholehearted efforts to say that the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation really revolves around the man himself.
If it went back to being a straightforward knock-out competition then every game would be a wholehearted affair.