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The first example allows the spontaneous quality and therefore the wholeness of the present moment to be recognized, while the second fractures the present moment, often unconsciously and habitually imposing conditioned attitudes from the past, thus dividing one's sense of self from realizing the always available wholeness.
In doing this service in obedience to his command, his wholeness and healing is made available to us.
Though they are rich and informative enough on their own, Hunt uses the biographies to illustrate five different steps of what she calls "the journey toward wholeness," for "[E]ach brief biography shows us how one woman was able to integrate pain, shadow, voice, action, or the expanded awareness of connection into her life and reach her potential as a human being.
Dance and movement are powerful ways to realign ourselves and return to wholeness.
Secondly he says that love possesses a wholeness and a completeness.
The wholeness of faith is the greatest gift we can offer our children at any point in time.
There is a wholeness that comes from the physical expression of ridding our lives of negativity.
With each strategy, Scott takes on the fears and insecurities that block our personal growth and provides tools for getting past our old habits to achieve mental, emotional and spiritual wholeness.
2] In The Prelude, Wordsworth proposes a kind of aesthetic and moral progression: fear and beauty leading to a "Love of Nature," leading in turn to a "Love of Man"--the necessary condition for experiencing what Karl Kroeber has called "ecological holiness" or a sense of wholeness and harmony in all of Nature (132).
It generates feelings of personal integrity, wholeness, ecstasy and fulfillment.
Vicissitudes of their further late to a large extent ruined this wholeness, but not completely.
He welcomed them as positive means to the end of creating those conditions which would make the experience of wholeness and participation possible in modern life.