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Harkens has an ability to reach deeply into the soul of the reader and draw out an unknown sense of empathy for the hurting with understanding, the ability to listen without judging, and to listen with understanding, leading to self-discovery, and a personal sense of wholeness.
I present two systems which reveal a deep fit between the parts or aspects of the Universe and a Wholeness that includes a light-space able to create the Universe and to be consciousness.
Among the topics are whether hope is merely a quick exit point, the praxis of hope in theory formation for practical theology, spiritual healing in hope care, compassion in a pastoral theology of hope care, and promissiotherapy in pastoral caregiving: toward a spiritual wholeness in life.
Audre Lorde's call to consciousness considering desire as a flux, as a site where the origin of the self is constantly renewed as an actual path in our search for wholeness, pushes our quest for personal freedom from cultural determinations and factors such as time and space, gender and race, which constitute the matrix of the subject's identity.
Sarah Bachelard asks how it is possible, through the practice of meditation, to integrate the distinctive suffering of crisis in such a way that it leads us into a deeper wholeness and truth.
Too often we think of disease as unhealthy and we wait for healing or seek out healing to take us from our lives of dis-ease into lives of wholeness and healing.
of Colorado; Wholeness Center, Fort Collins) traces his development of an integrative approach that includes a focus on nutrition, family relationships, and spirituality.
Hence the title: The Unbearable Wholeness of Being: God, Evolution and the Power of Love.
Bill Plotkin's Wild Mind calls for nothing less than a radical and total commitment to being fully human -- to embodying one's original wholeness.
Authentic here means a deeply felt sense of oneself as distinct in human form and yet deeply connected to all others and the world through an underlying wholeness.
This awareness has produced a heavy dose of shame, but a shame that led me to a greater wholeness, one that faced the wounding character of what I could do to others in my pursuit of faithfulness.
There is certainly room for a theoretical distinction between the "catholicity" that denotes the university's quest for wholeness and "Catholic" as applied to the Church founded by Christ, entrusted to Peter's care, governed by apostolic authority, and professed in the creed.