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WHOLESALE. To sell by wholesale, is to sell by large parcels, generally in original packages, and not by retail. (q.v.)

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The number of wholesale trade workers fell from 270A 286 in 2010 to 169A 795 in 2012, according to BIA statistics, as cited by investor.bg.
In the overall added value, measured against the production factor costs, in 2011, the firms from the processing industry had the highest share (26.0 percent), followed by retail and wholesale trade (24.4 percent), civil engineering (8.6 percent), information and communication (8.5 percent), transport and storage (8.4 percent), and electricity, gas and water supply (6.6 percent).
In January-September 2010, sales in retail trade rose by 3.5% and in wholesale trade -- by 7.9% compared with the corresponding period of 2009.
In January-June 2010, sales in retail trade rose by 2.8% and in wholesale trade -- by 5.8%.
The turnover value index of wholesale trade except motor vehicles and motorcycles for January-December 2009 recorded a decrease of 13.3% compared to the corresponding period of 2008.
According to the most recent economic census, there were more than 453,000 wholesale trade establishments in the United States in 1997, with total sales exceeding $4 trillion.
Increase of the wholesale and retail trade, repair of cars and motorcycles compared to the previous year is mainly connected to 5.5% increase of wholesale trade and 3.9% growth of retail trade.
In wholesale trade sales went up by 12.5% and in motor vehicle sales -- by 40.7%.
In the wholesale trade, the decline is from 5% in food, beverage and tobacco products trade to 29% in the trade of machinery and equipment.
Labor productivity--defined as output per hour--increased 3.0 percent from 1999 to 2000 in wholesale trade. This rise was below the 4 percent annual increase for the 1995-2000 period, but exceeded the 2.7-percent annual growth of 1990-95.