wholesale trader

See: dealer
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Nasir Qalaqal, wholesale trader in cosmetics in Hamza market, Mandawi, imports cosmetics worth 400,000 USD annually.
Farmers have become more aware of the prevailing situation through the internet," said Amit Bansal, a wholesale trader in Delhi.
One wholesale trader said they have been warned of a fine of Dh20,000 if they are found selling the watermelons in question.
From the farmer, the wholesale trader, retailer and finally shopkeeper.
Vegetable wholesale trader Ahmed Sayed told Arab News that "the rates are expected to fall further.
Advanced Global Trading LLC (AGT) is the market leader in the voluntary carbon market and the largest wholesale trader for Voluntary Emission Reduction (VER) carbon credits globally.
5 July 2012 - Lithuanian natural gas supplier AB Lietuvos Dujos announced on Thursday plans to create a local natural gas exchange joint venture with Finnish natural gas wholesale trader Gasum Oy.
While retail prices remain unchanged so far, Nicolas Khoury, a wholesale trader, told The Daily Star that stores will be compelled to hike prices as soon as they receive new goods at a higher cost.
by scrutiny I am not a wholesale trader, but Birmingham only became a city because of trade.
There's still room to rise as foreign buying on dips is likely to continue, although trading may be directionless before the end of the fiscal year," said Hajime Nakajima, a wholesale trader at Cosmo Securities in Tokyo.
It will definitely change the situation," said Rajkumar Gupta, a wholesale trader.
Firefighters are still investigating the blaze, which erupted at a Glasgow wholesale trader that supplies pet shops with tropical fish, lizards, snakes, insects, rabbits, mice, hamsters and birds.