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Even a 10-year-old proprietary POS scan system can communicate to a wholesaler host support system.
I know another equally successful wine wholesaler who has his salesmen call on newly licensed retailers within days or even hours after they have gotten their licenses.
The physical proximity of the wholesaler to the IGA retailer makes it more sensible for the wholesaler to provide these services.
pdf), "We rely on our wholesaler partners, and we often have great relationships with them.
The value proposition must make sense to and motivate three distinct levels of "customer" in the business model: wholesalers, retailers and customers.
The wholesalers don't get the deals from me and other small wineries," he says.
The primary wholesaler is the larger of the two and acts as the sales representative of the food manufacturing company.
The first-ever Wholesaler Excellence Awards winners are:
In one extreme, the representative identifies a customer who has a life insurance lead and turns it over to the wholesaler to close.