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WHOLESALE. To sell by wholesale, is to sell by large parcels, generally in original packages, and not by retail. (q.v.)

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The third option was that the designated wholesaler will set the price, and everyone else will follow in line with that.
Following the issue, Commissioner Karachi chaired a meeting with milk retailers, wholesalers and dairy farmers in which issue was discussed while the meeting was not concluded till filing this report.
Wholesaler satisfaction ratings: Percentage "excellent" or "very good"
* What forum should resolve the dispute when the wholesaler and brewer cannot work it out.
And discord among the state's 30 or so craft brewers and wholesalers is fermenting over a bill that would amend state regulations - a provision that craft brewers say would further weaken their ability to get fair distribution.
"We have also decided to dedicate more people to the regional drug chains and buying groups that pull products through these wholesalers," he says.
This would therefore give the wholesaler a pounds 100 profit from a single sale.
"But they can pay 10-20% less than what a wholesaler would.
The integration, with Mediceo acquiring all Paltac shares through a stock swap, is intended to strengthen Mediceo Holdings' business with convenience stores and drugstores and raise profits as a general wholesaler handling products ranging from medicines to cosmetics and everyday sundries, it said.
- Partnership agreements with wholesalers. Interbrew will continue to provide management support to wholesalers with whom it has entered into a partnership agreement, but will no longer be able to block a competitor's bid for the purchase of the wholesaler's business and make its own bid instead ("right of first refusal").