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They are at once instantly familiar yet perfectly fresh, wholesomely boisterous and awkwardly idiosyncratic.
Wholesomely proportioned at 5 feet 11 inches and with a 36-25-34 figure, Upton was a long way from the coolly robotic Eastern European beauty ideal that has dominated the catwalks for many seasons.
I remarked to him that when people say things of that kind, they rather imply that they are standing back, wholesomely detached, noticing the "theories" whizzing past them.
3, 10), brought tyranny to a country that had been wholesomely governed before him and would presumably be so governed after his removal.
Despite these tensions, the incoming Mineworkers Union of Zambia president Oswell Muny enyembe has spoken supportively of Chinese investors, telling the Zambia Daily Mail, "We cannot wholesomely (sic) condemn the Chinese-owned mining houses.
Only by developing a heightened awareness of such lamentations and formulating rules for discernment can we hope to engage them authentically and wholesomely in the church.
One senses a Sufi allegiance just below the surface when Allawi appeals, as he repeatedly does, for a restoration of the status of 'the Unseen' in Muslim public life--though, sadly, if appropriately, the nature of this unseen quantity and how it would be introduced and wholesomely cultivated is itself left intangible.
wholesomely Midwestern, and high-fives some friends standing in line.
He wrote: "To be human is to have differences; to be human wholesomely is to process those differences, not by building up conflicting power claims but by reconciling dialogue.
However, out of the six libraries, only RNBTBL and CRL provide this facility wholesomely.
The cavernous Aintree International Equestrian Centre has no equestrian activity today, no sophisticated polo groupies or wholesomely toothy three-day eventers.
On comparing the two results as summarised in Table 4 and Table 5 for Set-I and on comparing the two results as summarised in Table 11 and Table 12 and their optimal layout shown in Figure 1-4, it has been observed that solution obtained by using revised heuristic in and step by step exhausting the demand in comparison to LPP meeting demand wholesomely makes use of smaller number of stock sheets and produces lesser number of surplus ordered pieces.