wholly inadequate

References in classic literature ?
All questions were argued and decided on the basis of their assertions, which had often become wholly inadequate and were often warped into grotesquely impossible interpretations and applications.
The planning and preparations for Iraq after Saddam Hussein were wholly inadequate.
The response by the Conservative Government is wholly inadequate.
At the same time, the funding of social care across the five nations remains wholly inadequate.
Constitution "is made for a moral and upright people, it is wholly inadequate for the government of any other.
Yesterday - almost six years after the tragedy - the ferry's Italian captain was jailed for the wholly inadequate period of eight months.
Former Labour MP Chris Mullin on Jeremy Corbyn "What is unacceptable is presenting the so-called concessions he does appear to have secured, which range from the wholly inadequate to the completely meaningless, as constituting success" Former Tory chancellor Lord Lawson on the Prime Minister's EU negotiations
There's wholly inadequate provision for piping available supplies between regional utility areas, and even less attention given to providing industrial units to extract salt from sea water.
Thank you seems wholly inadequate but we say it nonetheless: thank you for being there for us, for our families, for each of our daughters who live with Rett Syndrome, every day and every day, wait for treatment to be delivered.
The outdoor clothing retailer described the indicative offer from its biggest shareholder as wholly inadequate, adding that it represented a premium of 3.
For working people, with only little or no access to a company pension, the state retirement pension is a wholly inadequate income.