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We intend to thoroughly scrutinize whomever you choose to ensure that she or he is an upstanding steward of public health who promotes policies that protect the health, safety, and security of our communities.
The Cabinet authorized the justice minister, or whomever he authorizes, to discuss with Tajikistan a draft agreement for cooperation between the two countries' judiciaries.
I mean daily, thrice daily, five times daily and twice at night, because you know, down under sense and logic and reason, that there is a Singing, a Breathing, a Mercy beyond accounting under and through all things; and you wish to love and thank Whatever or Whomever this is; and, in fact, if you are honest with yourself, you find that you no longer wish to be granted favors, as you did when you were young, but rather you wish quietly to put your small gifts in harness to Whomever's agenda, because you know now, after 50 years, that it is all about love, and that is why we are here, and life is short, and you had better work as hard as you can for love, which is another word for That or Whom.
Whomever started, whomever responded, whomever contributed to it," said Maj.
CDATA[ Prime Minister Netanyahu intends to 'proclaim Israel's truth to whomever wants to hear it' at the United Nations General Assembly next week.
Being friends is easier than being enemies, and you can be friends with whomever you want--and your friends can be friends with whomever then want.
Boyias is a Tinseltown businessman--which may explain his Republican leanings--free to donate to whomever he wants.
Freedom of assembly has also been interpreted to protect the freedom of association, which is why private clubs and organizations are not covered by civil rights laws and can exclude whomever they like.
They would just choose whomever is more popular, not [someone they agree with on] the issues.
Gleanings From Paul is very highly recommended and timeless reading for students of Paulinian theology and the manifold benefits of prayer for whomever is struggling to live a Christian life.
He added, "Benedict XVI's words specifically referred to the attacks 'these days' and it is well known that the Pope condemns all forms of terrorism, from whatever side it comes, and against whomever it is directed".