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In feudal England, a type of tenure by which a tenant was permitted to use real property that belonged to a lord in exchange for the performance of some service, such as providing young women for the use and pleasure of the lord.

An individual who, for a fee, supplies another individual with a prostitute for sexual purposes. To pander, or cater to the sexual desires of others in exchange for money.



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n. a person who procures a prostitute for customers or vice versa, sharing the profits of the woman's activities. Supposedly he provides protection for the prostitutes, but quite often he will threaten, brutalize, rape, cheat and induce drug addiction of his women. A pimp commits the crime of pandering. (See: prostitution, pander, panderer)

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Lis for its decision.(179) In Bartanus, the court held that allegations that the therapist persuaded the plaintiff's son to stay away from plaintiff by repeatedly telling the son that plaintiff was unloving, a whoremaster, liar, and con artist, and that plaintiff's house was dirty, poisonous, and rat-infested, sufficiently stated a claim for intentional infliction of emotional distress.(180) The court concluded that the therapists had independent duties to the parents not to intentionally inflict emotional distress on them.(181) Accordingly, the Tuman court concluded that the therapists owed independent duties to the parent not to intentionally inflict emotional distress.(182)
The political connotations are reinforced by the darkening of Juvenal's irrepressible rake figure into a "rank, notorious Whoremaster." The editors of the California Dryden record an incident in which Shaftesbury was addressed by Charles II as "the greatest whoremaster in England" (2:294).
At another level, the scandalous sexual behaviour of Thomas Smith, a Justice of the Peace for Berkshire, so offended a group of yeoman farmers from Buscot and Lechlade that they tried to shame him into repentance with various mocking nicknames like "Justice balle, bald pated knave and whoremaster knave", and more forcibly with a ballad which they sang among the neighbours, even at a wedding.(64)
Try as he may to acquire the trappings of decency--land, the college, the preacher's daughter--decency itself eludes him, and the actor remains in the end a mercenary whoremaster, rejected by the very man whose favor he courted.
These words' bawdy meanings, respectively |pimp, whoremaster' and |whore', are pointedly played on at III.ii.182-9: |there's her Uncle ...
I was seven, and as the coffin came into view on my nana's tiny, black and white telly she yelled "good riddance, you ol' whoremaster," or swearwords to that effect.