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Below the lens, whorled and folded lamellae contributed by sensory cilia fill the sensory cavity.
While swamp pink grows in forested, low nutrient swamps that are typically small in size and widely scattered across most of the installation, small whorled pogonia can be found in a variety of habitat types across its natural range.
The leaves were attached directly to the stem and whorled around the nodes in groups of 5 leaves, for this character the species under study named as H.
There are also strata-like forms that position "themselves vertically, looking somewhat like birch bark and whorled with versicolored, elliptical markings" (3), a vibrant description that leaves us wondering about the authority of the omniscient narrator to attribute such a textured account to the nomads.
Biphasic population of cells, monomorphic round-to-oval and spindle cells arranged in syncytial and whorled pattern along with the presence of psamomma bodies have been described as a diagnostic feature of meningioma on cytology [8].
Fortunately, this stimulating collection offers additional clarity and impresses upon readers a key meta-logic for studying media as environments: causes and effects emerge as whorled vortexes of relations rather than as linear progressions of effects directly following from particular technologies.
Of special interest here are the whorled caraway, Welsh broad-leaved marsh orchid and the small-flowered evening-primrose.
The collagen fibres are not usually collected into bundles however, groups of fibres will often present a whorled appear-ance.
Her hair is 'fruffled and frizzled, teased and tizzled, knotted and knitted, whorled and whizzled.' Clearly the author has enormous fun being playful with language.
During the site survey, an endangered plant species, the Whorled Pogonia was discovered and 15 acres were set aside to accommodate two nature preserves on the campus.
According to the predominant cell type, melanomas are classified as epithelioid, spindle cell melanomas, mixed (GOLDSCHMIDT et al., 1998; WEISS & FRESE, 1974; YAGER & SCOTT, 1993; GROSS et al., 2005) and whorled or dendritic melanomas (WEISS & FRESE, 1974; SMITH et al., 2002; ZEMBOWICZ & MIHM, 2004; GROSS et al., 2005).