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Linear and whorled nevoid hypermelanosis in Three successive generations.
The sensory cavity is 16 [micro]m in depth and filled with stacked and whorled lamellae contributed from sensory cilia on all sides of the cavity.
Meanwhile, periodic and unpredictable dormancy makes small whorled pogonia one of the most elusive orchids in North America.
Of special interest here are the whorled caraway, Welsh broad-leaved marsh orchid and the small-flowered evening-primrose.
The collagen fibres are not usually collected into bundles however, groups of fibres will often present a whorled appear-ance.
Her hair is 'fruffled and frizzled, teased and tizzled, knotted and knitted, whorled and whizzled.
During the site survey, an endangered plant species, the Whorled Pogonia was discovered and 15 acres were set aside to accommodate two nature preserves on the campus.
20) Immunohistochemical studies of the lesion suggest expression of keratin and vimentin in the tumour cells at the periphery of the ductal, tubular or whorled structures.
2005) and whorled or dendritic melanomas (WEISS & FRESE, 1974; SMITH et al.
The students obtained reasonably satisfactory results when assessing leaf arrangement, with the greatest confusion arising with specimens with a basal rosette of alternate leaves that were frequently considered whorled and with species with numerous small closely-arranged alternate leaves that were often judged to be opposite of whorled.
Lila had cut the picture out and placed it in a frame above the whorled tiles on the old boiler stove.