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As a woman leaps onto it Spidermannishly, the double doors clap shut, muffling the sounds of wild cheering and, one femtosecond later, the whump of 150 drunken pounds crashing onto the floor.
mosquito netting and he watches a swarm of choppers whump across the sky
The balloon made a satisfying whump and bounced off her head, bumping the ceiling lamp and setting it swinging.
Competing for attention are the amplified soundtracks of three adjacent videos: the reverberate screeching in Christian Marclay's "Guitar Drag" (2000); the hum of reciprocating saws in Michael Landy's "Break Down" (2001); and the perpetual whump of rocks striking metal in Jimmie Durham's "Stoning the Refrigerator" (1996).
But, a few feet into it, just as we get a rhythm going, WHUMP, the camera stops.