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But the King had a wicked mother who was displeased with the marriage, and said wicked things of the young Queen.
But my dear nurse," said she, "explain this to me; if he has really come home as you say, how did he manage to overcome the wicked suitors single handed, seeing what a number of them there always were?
What could the little woman possibly mean by calling her a sorceress, and saying she had killed the Wicked Witch of the East?
Come, take these two wicked girls, they are tender morsels for you, fat as young quails; for mercy's sake eat them
Don't you know it's very, very wicked to play on Sunday?
Surely not, if he's so wicked, and if you dislike him?
I wouldn't want to marry anybody who was wicked, but I think I'd like it if he COULD be wicked and WOULDN'T.
At last even the wicked Godrich in his palace heard of Havelok in the kitchen.
Anne Shirley, didn't you know it was a wicked thing to do?
Once upon a time there was a wicked sprite, indeed he was the most mischievous of all sprites.
Then, after a reflective pause, he added, 'At least, I'll tell you how it was I got to know: when I'm with papa, if I say mamma wants me, or mamma says I'm not to do something that he tells me to do, he always says, "Mamma be damned," and Rachel says it's only wicked people that are damned.
But, perhaps, this is one reason which hath determined me to act in a milder manner with you: for, as no private resentment should ever influence a magistrate, I will be so far from considering your having deposited the infant in my house as an aggravation of your offence, that I will suppose, in your favour, this to have proceeded from a natural affection to your child, since you might have some hopes to see it thus better provided for than was in the power of yourself, or its wicked father, to provide for it.