wicked action

See: misdeed
References in classic literature ?
Throughout the infinite variety of this book, this fundamental is most strictly adhered to; there is not a wicked action in any part of it, but is first and last rendered unhappy and unfortunate; there is not a superlative villain brought upon the stage, but either he is brought to an unhappy end, or brought to be a penitent; there is not an ill thing mentioned but it is condemned, even in the relation, nor a virtuous, just thing but it carries its praise along with it.
Cornelius started back in dismay, when in the thief, in the pretended Jacob, he recognised his neighbour, Isaac Boxtel, whom, in the innocence of his heart, he had not for one instant suspected of such a wicked action.
"You have done nothing to me," answered the gentle Sorceress; "but I suspect you have been guilty of several wicked actions; and if I find it is true that you have so abused your knowledge of magic, I intend to punish you severely."
He spreads through media that Pakistan is sponsoring terrorism and his wicked action to create mayhem in Kashmir to win favour in coming general election.
On this wicked action Ayesha Subhani had loaded a complaint against Syed Junaid Arshad in FIA.
The Secretary-General of the Pan Yoruba socio-political group, Afenifere, Chief Sehinde Arogbofa, described the latest destruction of Falae's farm as a very wicked action saying what is happening is not directed to Falae but to the entire Yoruba race.
So goes the wicked action in novelist Ken Follett's popular WWII espionage thriller Eye of the Needle.
Talking to "reporter" on Wednesday he said that Regional Tax office wicked action against senior anchorperson is totally against the law.
"You will have to live for the rest of your life with the knowledge that your reckless and wicked action has taken a life and caused grief and disruption in other people's lives, most especially in the lives of your children."
She has lived with merciless killers, condoned their wicked actions and in her words was "not fazed" by what she saw.
The Iranian parliament speaker said that Trump is overjoyed that he is plundering some short-sighted regional countries for the price of ignoring their wicked actions in the region.