wide awake

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I recognized the fact that I was hopelessly and permanently wide awake.
On the Wide Awake all the stewards were young, mere boys," he murmured.
Having no fear of ghosts, he quietly approached, and, seeing that she was wide awake, said, with a hand on her shining hair
We never have this sense of falling when we are wide awake.
When they reached Don Quixote he was already out of bed, and was still shouting and raving, and slashing and cutting all round, as wide awake as if he had never slept.
No, she, Anne Shirley, was lying there, wide awake, in her own bed, and Jane Andrews was beside her, calmly proposing for her brother Billy.
On the contrary, she had never been more wide awake.
Late as the Dutch clock' showed it to be, the poor woman was still hard at work at an ironing-table; a young child lay sleeping in a cradle near the fire; and another, a sturdy boy of two or three years old, very wide awake, with a very tight night-cap on his head, and a night-gown very much too small for him on his body, was sitting bolt upright in a clothes-basket, staring over the rim with his great round eyes, and looking as if he had thoroughly made up his mind never to go to sleep any more; which, as he had already declined to take his natural rest and had been brought out of bed in consequence, opened a cheerful prospect for his relations and friends.
George was wide awake now, and so was Madame de Thoux.
and the crash of an empty bottle against the back of his aunt's woodshed brought him wide awake, and a single minute later he was dressed and out of the win- dow and creeping along the roof of the "ell" on all fours.
Hal Clayton dropped off pretty soon, but I didn't; I wasn't ever so wide awake in my life.
While he lay sound asleep in the shade, other people were wide awake, and passed to and fro, afoot, on horseback, and in all sorts of vehicles, along the sunny road by his bedchamber.

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