wide awake

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So, how did the track go from "No matter what" to "Wide awake?" It was all about the visual element.
I mean, not everyone can say they've had brain surgery while wide awake."
His first single The Climb reached number one in the UK and Irish singles chart and was soon followed by the release of his debut album titled Wide Awake.
Songs like Wide Awake and Ghosts combined the expansive pop of Simple Minds with New Order's stadium-sized synths to maximum effect, while wild sax solos added a raucous edge to Steal Your Heart.
Eyelids now completely wide awake the elderly man got out of bed.
However as she has made herself comfy and cosy on the big arm chair with Cherry Pig, Thunderbolt the puppet mouse and Beanbag Frog--she will not be able to go to sleep as they are wide awake and somewhat rowdy.
The Sky golf presenter rubbishes Tiger Woods's chances of matching the Golden Bear Denis Pugh 4am and wide awake in Houston.
Lee Aldred, the Nightingale's business manager, says: ''We are very pleased to have Joe here to do a live set for our customers as part of his new album tour, Wide Awake.
Insomnia: Wide Awake Waiting for Relief Sunday, June 6, 2010, 8:00-10:00 p.m.
Within months, Wide Awake groups sprang up across the country.
Summary: Six Chinese Muslims newly released from Guantanamo Bay were wide awake and excited Sunday as they traded life behind bars for rooms with ocean views in the tiny Pacific nation of Palau, which agreed to a US request to resettle them.AaThe ethnic Uighurs, in US custody since 2001, were met at the airport in the middle of the night by President Johnson Toribiong and taken to their new home.
Ali the excitement, the sweets, and rich food can leave you wide awake for hours.

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