wide of the mark

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Helen Dickinson, head of retail at professional services firm KPMG, said: "Sadly July was a lacklustre month and it's doubtful this trend will change as early expectations the Olympics will raise retailers' fortunes look to be wide of the mark.
Think Rocky Horror Show and you will not be wide of the mark.
Two titillating rumors circulating the corridors of The Mayflower Hotel at the NEPA conference proved to be wide of the mark, one of them way wide of the mark.
Whereas once gay men sought 'trade' they now sought equals" is uncharacteristically wide of the mark, as is his contention that "increasingly, the goal was not casual sex but longer term relationships." (p191).
His specific forecast may have been wide of the mark (in this article, published in 1974, Kindleberger predicts that Brussels will emerge as Europe's financial center!), but the good burghers of Frankfurt will take heart.
This reading turned out to be not so wide of the mark, as Kidon's subsequent shows have confirmed.
But they are infrequent, and shooting the same linguistic arrows at the bulk of the verses, which are full of the sincerity of a lover and the self-doubt of a reform-minded Christian, falls wide of the mark.
Knowing that financial audits sometimes provide a misleading picture of the health of the firm whose books are examined, must we not then assume that ethics audits would fall similarly wide of the mark? For example, might not it be possible for unethical corporations to advise their really sleazy employees to stay home the week the ethics auditors come in?
Instead, trust that the decisions of nine Americans of more than ordinary integrity will probably not be too wide of the mark for too long.
The reigning Formula One world champion has been locked in negotiations with the team since the turn of the year, with suggestions he could instead move to Ferrari now looking wide of the mark.
It's an old stereotype to paint oval ball lovers as upmarket types - but now it's well wide of the mark.
Stan Pearson, Manchester United's inside left is lying on the ground (centre), having shot just wide of the mark. Daily Herald cameraman Bert Abell took rapid action as the ball headed for him.