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The exhibition encompasses a wide-reaching range of philately themes spanning two centuries, displaying some of the world's most extraordinary and elusive stamps among the 128 exhibits.
The other is a US refusal to agree to a wide-reaching promise to protect Afghanistan from foreign aggression.
Wide-reaching media advertisements, are generally a product of huge enterprises, who can afford to advertise on television, radio, and in newspapers.
LIBRARIES across Cardiff will be reducing their opening hours as part of wide-reaching council spending cuts.
Under the three-year loan deal, Bangladesh has pledged wide-reaching structural reforms to get its economy back on track and ease long-term poverty.
The government that is expected to come to power in Japan after Sunday's vote is expected to make wide-reaching changes at the central bank of Japan.
Looking further ahead, it is also paramount that a fairer, more progressive and wide-reaching change is brought about and we look forward to feeding into any such discussions.
The 10 clubs are looking to change the 11-1 voting structure, which favours Celtic and Rangers, to a 9-3 format which could facilitate wide-reaching reforms.
Turkish authorities have detained more than 300 people including journalists, academics and politicians as part of a wide-reaching investigation into Ergenekon.
The drive is aimed at encouraging them to keep in touch with their parishioners beyond the reach of the pulpit and offer a more wide-reaching communication method than pinning notices on message-boards.
Study findings stimulating wide-reaching policy changes, including mandatory evaluations of returning military personnel.
"These results are very promising, because they point to the type of wide-reaching growth that in the long run leads to sustainable development," says ICC secretary general Jean-Guy Carrier.