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We are confident that this wide-reaching partnership will further accelerate their growth in the wireless space.
The 18-year-old was made the subject of a wide-reaching banning order in October, 2002 after terrorising residents in Hemlington.
Although Luke does not tell us about it, I am certain that there was a "Christian Communion in Jerusalem" who could not stomach Peter's revelation of God's wide-reaching love.
Texas has undergone a wide-reaching transformation of its health and human service system.
At her best, her wide-reaching domestic subject matter dominates the poems to the point that poetic convention becomes transparent or invisible.
largely due to the fact that the benefits are so wide-reaching," says Jane Palmieri, new-business development manager for Dow Automotive.
In line with this, in autumn 2001 we agreed a wide-reaching new sponsorship deal with UK Athletics.
Manhattan Scientifics said it intends to fully develop and market the new technology, which has wide-reaching potential applications in hundreds of fields.
Vancouver--In a decision that could have wide-reaching effects on Canadian Catholic education, a British Columbia Labour Relations Board has ruled that the Catholic bishop of the diocese of Prince George cannot be the final authority to establish standards of moral conduct for Catholic teachers and impose discipline where those standards have been contravened.
James Sidbury shows how--in the divisive crisis brought on by the Jeffersonian Republican challenge to Federalist authoritarianism and to Adams's continued presidency--a slave blacksmith named Gabriel became leader of a wide-reaching conspiracy.
As the budget reconciliation process drags on, it must not be forgotten that many in Congress are setting the stage for consideration of more wide-reaching changes to the tax system.
In an effort to deliver a timely wide-reaching message to Detroit area viewers, WXON and its advertising agency - Simons Michelson Zieve Advertising -- reached out to Gannett Outdoor to develop an advertising campaign that would provide daily reminders of its evening movie and programs during the important May ratings sweep.