widely extended

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Her acquaintance among them was more widely extended, her visits to their humble dwellings were more frequent and excursive than they had ever been before.
Considering the enormous power of denudation which the sea possesses, as shown by numberless facts, it is not probable that a sedimentary deposit, when being upraised, could pass through the ordeal of the beach, so as to be preserved in sufficient masses to last to a distant period, without it were originally of wide extent and of considerable thickness: now it is impossible on a moderately shallow bottom, which alone is favourable to most living creatures, that a thick and widely extended covering of sediment could be spread out, without the bottom sank down to receive the successive layers.
Very soon after the establishment of the independence of the States by the peace of 1783, the enterprise of their citizens was directed to a development of the natural ad vantages of their widely extended dominions.
This book considers some successful social enterprises in the North East, and argues that it is a model which could be widely extended as part of Labour's programme.
Formerly a one-bedroom property, it has been widely extended and modernised to reflect the traditional character of the historic area.
The circle was widely extended but I had to stay within it.
Farmers are increasingly required to access the internet to comply with new legislation affecting their livelihoods and traditional way of life and the FUW has long campaigned for reliable broadband and mobile phone reception to be widely extended.
stretch-grabs" (fingers widely extended and then fingers clasped around the thumbs.
It was also widely extended, with kinship recognized to the seventh or tenth degree.
THE RIGHT to roam for hikers and ramblers will be widely extended in Wales this Bank Holiday weekend.
But now, news that the Garda's controversial rural policing scheme is to be widely extended has left whole communities shaking in their boots.
IFN's customers now have access to a widely extended network of Umpqua Bank locations with the same community bank attitude and exceptional customer service they're used to," said William A.