widely read

References in classic literature ?
He is still probably the most widely read writer in Russia.
The material and spirit of these works came largely from the enormously long contemporary French romances, which were widely read in England, and of which a prominent representative was 'The Great Cyrus' of Mlle.
It is the aim of a certain widely read class of paper to fill this void.
Miller has built and launched two widely read real estate blogs and since 1994 has authored several widely read reports on the Manhattan market.
For a thousand years after his death, no one in the Western church was more widely read than Augustine.
Born in Mexico in 1874, Magon dared to criticize the injustices of the Diaz military dictatorship that ruled Mexico, in his widely read newspaper Regeneracion.
This masterful essay adds to the recent scholarship on Milton's republicanism and it deserves to be widely read and admired; my one reservation about the essay's exclusive focus on Milton's "neo-Roman" republican outlook is that this tends to overemphasize the secular dimensions of Milton's politics and anti-monarchical writings, ignoring altogether their radical religious dimensions and contexts.
His works include the 1933 classic, Mis-Education of the Negro, which is still widely read and studied.
Recently renamed Private Practice Success (12x, $299/year), the newsletter continues to be the most widely read and respected source of practice management advice in the country.
Not only that, but Beth shuns him for keeping such a big secret from her, while his stepfather, an advertising executive, is infuriated by "Larry's" widely read views on his profession.
Bellesiles is referring to Joyce Malcolm's widely read, devastating critique, which appeared in our January 2001 issue.