widely recognized

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O'Leary, a 20-year veteran of Cushman & Wakefield, is widely recognized for his highly successful work on behalf of tenants and landlords in Fairfield County.
The RTV molding process is said to be a widely recognized rapid tooling method that is said to be ideal for small quantities of highly detailed and artistic molded parts.
in 1999, Barnholt has led the creation of a global corporate culture widely recognized as best in its class.
Future FASAB statements of federal financial accounting standards, as well as those it issued since March 1993, now have the authority of GAAR Formerly, FASAB's guidance was considered to be an "other comprehensive basis of accounting" (OCBOA), which is not as widely recognized in the United States as GAAP.
When I began working with camp directors seventeen years ago, the concept of risk management was not widely recognized or discussed.
Much of this research is widely recognized as first rate," the Senate report said.
Still today, many women are responsible, yet not widely recognized, for some of the greatest inventions and milestones in history.
The MCR designation is awarded by CoreNet Global, the world's premier corporate real estate association, and is widely recognized as one of commercial real estate's most prestigious professional designations.
Exhibit 2, above right, shows respondents were more familiar with the CFP and thought it was more widely recognized, even though a majority believed the PFS has more rigorous entry requirements.
Perriello is widely recognized as a real estate industry leader and keen observer in the areas of policy and market trends.
real estate and investment marketplace, while FTSE is widely recognized as a leading global index provider.
ArcSoft is widely recognized for its ability to deliver innovative, feature-rich multimedia solutions to mobile devices.