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DC motors are the first type of motors widely used and the systems (motors and drive) initial costs tend to be typically less than AC systems for low power units, but with higher power the overall maintenance costs increase and would need to be taken into consideration.
WASHINGTON -- Retail prices for prescription drugs widely used by older Americans have risen more than 50 times faster than the inflation rate, an AARP analysis found.
It is reported that, NPG is a unique polyol product, due to its high chemical and thermal stability, widely used in powder coatings, textiles and construction industries.
GGY's AXIS Actuarial System is widely used by global life insurers, reinsurers and consultants for pricing, reserving, ALM (asset liability management), financial modelling, capital calculations and hedging.
Surfactants is the most widely used ingredient in personal care and accounted for maximum share of the total market, in terms of value, in 2015.
In particular, it says its engineers have extensive experience of laser welding polymers which are widely used in the manufacture of balloon catheters and other medical device products The Synrad 48-1KWM Series lasers are said to be ideally suited for the lasing of widely used materials such as Nylons, Pebax, PET and more, and catheter balloons ranging from 1mm to 20mm in diameters can be readily processed using a Synrad 48 series CO2 laser.
This eBook intends to help instructional designers (IDs) make the best use of 10 widely used interactivities to churn out top-notch online courses.
It would be of far greater value if they were fluent in a more widely used language than Welsh.
The word "school" is widely used to describe fish swimming and maneuvering together, if not in perfect unison, at least in some order.
These gaskets are widely used for heat exchangers, valves and pumps.
London, Sept 28 ( ANI ): A medicine widely used by people over-65s to combat anxiety and insomnia increases the risk of dementia by 50 percent within 15 years, researchers have found.
The studies examined the effects of neonictinoid pesticides, insect neurotoxins introduced in the early 1990s, which are widely used worldwide.