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Kaniz Fatema, a local resident of Kalyanpur area, while talking to this correspondent said that Rajdhani Unnayna Kartripakkha (RAUK) and Dhaka City Corporation (DCC) should take initiatives to widen Kalyanpur Main Road and the inner roads.
There is no merit in continually swallowing up our countryside to widen motorways when there is no long term gain.
Sir, - Transport Minister David Jamieson tells us (Post, Mar 28) he must widen the M6 in Staffordshire because it is 'severely congested'.
It is also partly because the sections of the M25 to be widened include the route from Heathrow to Gatwick airports and there are powerful commercial interests involved in persuading Ministers of the need to widen the road to help their businesses.
Midlantic will construct a new 12-foot-wide lane in each direction and widen shoulders on both sides of the highway, he said.