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he called with sudden forethought across the widening stretch of sea to Captain Doane.
He swam rapidly, in a widening circle, and at last disappeared.
Just then I heard a scarcely audible gurgle of water, and holding up my hand for silence, I turned and pointed to a ripple slowly widening out in a growing circle.
Major staggered to his feet, but the blood spouting from his throat reddened the snow in a widening path.
Her widening lips stretched to new lengths; and the white upper line of her eyeballs were more freely and horribly visible than ever.
Extinction, as we have seen in the fourth chapter, has played an important part in defining and widening the intervals between the several groups in each class.
stamping forward with the right leg a little bent, and the sword still pointing toward Maggie, who, trembling, and with tear-filled eyes, got upon the bed, as the only means of widening the space between them.
Economists said a widening trade deficit was a blow to hopes that net trade - when exports outstrip imports - could make a positive contribution to economic growth in the fourth quarter of the year.
New Hampshire has received final approval to continue widening Interstate 93, state offidais announced last month.
HUNZA, June 19 -- Deadlock has surfaced between the affectees of accidental Lake Atta Abad and Gilgit-Baltistan Government regarding the widening of spillway of lake through explosive material, as affectees resorted to widen the spillway themselves, but police personnel deputed on the lake restricted the agitating people.
Dear Editor, Jerry Blackett is completely wrong to say the case for widening the M6 has been "established beyond doubt" (Hard luck as M6 shoulders Kelly's new road solution, Post March 5).