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The widening of 1-93 is a top priority of mine, and it is essential that we continue with the progress we have made in order to improve safety and expand opportunities for economic development and jobs," Gov.
On the other side affectees of lake have been demanding from the government to widen the spillway by planting explosives along the water banks and for last few days the affectees were also widening the spillway with tools.
The case for widening was last examined in 2002 through the West Midlands to North West Multi Modal Study, which concluded that is was a matter of judgement whether a tolled three-lane motorway would be more reliable than a four-lane motorway with a lower toll.
But the policy paper reveals that widening motorways was just one option.
The work will include bridge widening and soundwalls on both sides of the freeway, along with fiber-optic cable installation to monitor traffic flow.
The expressway would require 50 per cent more land than the widening option and would cost 15 per cent more.
Widening will improve safety and reduce congestion.
Work on widening the section from junctions 21 to 30 ( between Leicester and Sheffield ( will cost pounds 1.
Additional cases of great-power wars susceptible to widening are included in an appendix.
However, where widening is sorely needed is further east at the M6 (junction 10), where the M62 reduces to two lanes, leading to severe congestion when endeavouring to accommodate three lanes of traffic from the M6.
Widening on parts of the M6 between Manchester and the Midlands to four lanes each way, with either charging or further widening longer term.
Baldwin has also raised questions about widening the conflict.