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Drag the Chrome Dev widget wherever you like and you are done.
The widget allows orthodontic patients to customize the color of the bands on their braces and design how they will look.
The widget is designed to recognize different sample types and display the appropriate expiration date of the sample.
The Widget Center has online tools for its hospitality industry clients to display the company-owned content, ratings and reviews, on the client websites.
The water widget can reduce the water used by a shower by up to 70% which could result in a pounds 80 reduction off the annual bill of an average three bedroom house.
Widgets are the next step in our goal of making Wolfram|Alpha ubiquitous--available to everyone, everywhere, said Barak Berkowitz, Managing Director, Wolfram|Alpha.
The second script is loading the jQuery UI library--which is necessary if you are using a widget from that library.
Along with default widgets, such as Twitter, weather, sports and news, created by Oregan, which come pre-installed with Onyx, there will be two additional sources for new applications: Widgets created by TV brands and retailers that utilise Onyx on connected TVs; and widgets created by content service partners and the open Web development community, based on the W3C Widget standard.
To use the widget, customers can enter their flight numbers or select their flights' departure airport from a drop-down menu to check if their flights are scheduled on Wi-Fi equipped aircraft.
The company said that the new widget allows users to receive the latest traffic information directly to their own personal web pages, including Facebook, Bebo and iGoogle.
By adopting ACCESS' NetFront Widgets, handset manufacturers and operators can obtain a solution that includes a widget player and content development tools, allowing them to accelerate development and delivery of widget services.
0 company, and Netvibes, a widget and personalised start page service, have announced a partnership to provide companies with a secure, enterprise-grade widget solution to do business with customers, partners and employees.