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If you are a widow, widower or civil partner and your spouse died before reaching pension age, you may get some extra money on your state pension - so long as you you have not remarried.
The bill sought to regulate men's right to a widower's pension and set beneficiaries as men who became widowers after January 1, 2018.
He says this is especially critical for widowers who live alone or in rural communities.
7% for single males, 4% for widows and 3% for widowers.
Please remember war widows/ widowers have their own state pensions reduced due to overlapping benefits.
Many widowers spend the rest of their lives mourning and living in the past.
We will learn to love again," said Evelia Tanola, the 59yearold president of YLHC, a social club formed last December to provide a network of support for more than 30 grieving Yolanda widows and widowers, mostly fishermen and fish vendors from Barangay Cogon here.
Forty percent of widows polled reported negative lifestyle changes the year following the loss, compared to 24 percent of widowers. The financial impact was even greater: two-thirds of widows experienced a significant financial change compared to half of widowers.
Joanna Romer; THE WIDOWER'S GUIDE TO A NEW LIFE; MSI Press (Nonfiction: Self-Help) 12.95 ISBN: 9781933455488
Thomas U., Canada) documents the experiences of older men who become widowers, how their lives change, and what it means for them.