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Five measurements were obtained on each bird (Fig 2): 1) Width of the cardiac silhouette at its widest point (distance between points 5 and 6), 2) width of the sternum at the same level as the cardiac width (distance between points 3 and 4), 3) width of the thoracic cavity (coelomic cavity) at the same level as the cardiac width (distance between points 1 and 2), 4) width of the coracoid immediately caudal to its articular surface with the humerus (distance between points 7 and 8), and 5) width of the hepatic silhouette at its widest point (distance between points 9 and 10).
One of the most reliable methods of estimating the width of unerupted teeth is the developing of regression equation utilizing other teeth.
Rump width (RW)###Pin to pin distance at posterior position
In previous studies various facial anthropometric measurements such as width of the mouth, intercomissural width, bizygomatic width, interalar width and interpupillary distance have been explored for determining the width of anterior maxillary teeth.
The wider the beam width, the longer the tracking time for invisible objects in the blind spot region.
Maxillary incisors had the greatest width with an average of 3.62 mm and mandibular molars had the least width, with an average of 1.83 mm.
The cervicothoracic region is a complex unsta- ble anatomic site at which the mobile cervical spine joins the rigid thoracic spine causing the region susceptible to injury.1 The injury such as the disrup- tion of blood vessels covering the anterior aspects of the spine2 and some non-bony conditions may cause the prevertebral soft tissue width increas- ing.
In order to solve the problem, one should establish the cutting width and its dependence on electrotechnological parameters.
1 : the measurement of the shortest or shorter side of an object : breadth <In spite of the enormous width of the room it was even longer than it was wide.
Branded under Fasson Advantage service offerings, Fasson Ready Width delivers narrow slit widths with low minimum order quantities on prime, variable and specialty products.
Joseph Inc., Grand Prairie, Texas, tunes layflat width on blown film lines without an IBC.
announces its LV-MaxSonar sensor with a factory calibrated beam width, allowing precision beam angles.