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He began to shout and threaten the youngsters and started to wield an iron bar, striking it against metal railings.
At that time their behavior was less dangerous because they didn't yet wield the enormous computer and communications power.
Take half a step back; you will then be in the right range to wield the most influence.
Reform intellectuals, such as the AALL members, are important because they put forth ideas which can help to shape an agenda, but there are others who wield more power--who control economic resources, or can deliver large voting blocks, and can command the attention of lawmakers.
The switching of the electronic state of an individual atom is not only a demonstration of the exquisite control over matter that scientists now wield but could also lead to new ways of encoding data for making ultrahigh-density memory chips.
And it continues to try to wield its influence over the U.
Good old-fashioned capitalism: Companies are becoming more acquainted with the spending power gay people wield [see related story, page 26].
What I know is that I can also wield the hammer," he said as he knocked down the character of Thor.
Prof David Wield, of the Government-backed Economic and Social Research Council, said investment in biotech firms was drying up.
The tumors seem to wield glutamate as a machete of sorts, carving out room for growth by using the molecule to stimulate nerve cells until they die (SN: 9/1/01, p.
She becomes the Lady of the Lake, the keeper of Excalibur, and Corwin becomes Merlin, waiting for the right human to wield the Farworlder sword.