wield authority

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Here's a different piece of information about the '60s Karachi which would also give an indication as to how institutions that wield authority worked in those days.
But, in a technical sense, theocracy has come to mean a government by ordained priests, who wield authority as being specifically appointed by those who claim to derive their rights from their sacerdotal position.
Unlike food reviewers in London or New York-whose primary duty is to their publisher, to wield authority and write entertaining columns that sell newspapers-in our nascent food scene this food writer, at least, feels a responsibility to the public, but then also, ironically, to restaurateurs.
But there are a lot of economic forces pushing both sides to find some kind of an answer to the current standoff and the economy is where the presidency in Iran does have some room to wield authority, even if it is curtailed in foreign policy by the Supreme Leader.
This was the idea that Christ's commission to Peter in Matthew 16:18-19 was properly understood as a divine mandate to any bishop of Rome to wield authority over the whole church.
Over the years I have developed a healthy scepticism for politicians, bureaucrats and all those who wield authority without charity.
Since Mubarak's fall, its plan has been to use parliament to wield authority, promote its long-term Islamist agenda, and ensure the new constitution gives greater powers to the legislature, weakening the president's overwhelming authority.
Hence, as the First Servant of the nation, I shall continue to make sure this concept is enforced by all those who wield authority in the country, using, to this end, the mechanisms afforded by the law to ensure accountability, initiate legal action and apply sanctions, within the framework of an impartial judicial system.
Generally, witch-hunts are manifestations of some form of misogyny; differential ethnic/ national cultures of tolerance; scapegoating of individuals at a time of economic, religious, and political crisis; or just a moral panic deployed as an excuse to wield authority over the general populace.
The author describes the use of vilification, exaltation, credentialing and decredentialing in both the directing of a movement and in an effort to wield authority within it.
The appearance on the scene of a political faction strong and stable enough to be able to wield authority and instil order is also most encouraging - as was the evident agreement on this matter between Hamas and its deadly rival Fatah.
The HR manager can wield authority, bring opponents together, achieve handshakes, and mete out discipline to varying degrees, but what happens when everyone returns to the job?