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There, wielders must face off in the training arena, learning to fuse with their Golems and control their power in order to defend the world from evil.
OUR favourite mac-wearing wielder of the sword of truth, Paul Starling of the Welsh Mirror, was on the warpath again this week.
The modern nation-state gets its charter as the sole legitimate wielder of force, the purpose of which is to prevent an anarchic slide into a "war of all against all," or at least to enable self-interest-maximizing individuals to wheel and deal with each other with a minimum of friction.
The transition from voice of the powerless to wielder of national power may prove the greatest long-term threat to the A.
In one of his recent interviews, the actor talked about his character Falcon, his new look and whether he will be the next "Captain America" shield wielder or not.
Led by the mysterious Zola, wielder of Killer Bat shadow that never speaks, Shu (Dragon shadow), Jiro (Minotaur shadow), Kluke (no shadow yet), and Marumaro (Sabertooth Tiger shadow) must defend themselves against not only invading Grankingdom spies and attacks at sea, but also the gushing gratitude of a young girl with the power to turn invisible or change shapes
Joined there in non-corporeal form by Cort, her "uncle," she begins her training on the path she was born to: Sam is a Wielder, bound by blood to the Circle of Light Bearers.
Rap's storied history has seen several artists play the roles of word wielder on the mic and trackmaster behind the boards, but no-one cuts it close to Kanye West.
Ed McMillan, a resort resident, said Sanchez yelled for the ax wielder to stop, then fired a warning shot from his pistol.
Behold the fables kaval, conductor of elements, wielder of winds.