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Oh, how easy it is for me, likewise, to lash out at distant persons--tyrannical heads of state, tycoons of all stripes, wielders of bulldozers and missiles--about whom Nathan also whispers in my ears.
One of the pen wielders was a lanky young gay man who played his part with passion, especially as he said, "I can't stand those faggots.
But the angry New Delhi protesters were neither Greens nor environmentalists, neither anarchists nor even wielders of giant puppets.
government may indeed be endangering American security interests by behaving so weakly in response to challenges posed by the emerging hard-line power wielders in Beijing.
Abigail Wilkinson wed 28-year-old cattle station worker David Wielders after a whirlwind romance.
A sly return from West London's finest guitar wielders.
That's about the last thing the wielders of power want to see enacted.
PoMo is an absurd reverence for the ferocious powers that generated the Orders, and in our time it offers the wielders of corporate power the assurance that they are descended from the most authoritarian regimes ever invented.
The author emphasizes that culpability extends far beyond fascist oppressors to munitions manufacturers and other less obvious wielders of power.
Among them the champion team was Swanson and Swanson--blond, burly brothers, mighty wielders of ax and saw, with the skill and brawn to earn their 10-spots a day plus keep.
We're willing to disarm gun wielders only after they have killed, maimed, or used their guns to terrorize innocent people.
They're starting out right - not in the rehearsal room, but in the theatre of the street, soaking it up as young conjurers, wielders of magic.