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These wieldy volumes are often too big and extraneous to be useful to the practicing engineer.
Compact and wieldy, it's big on practicality, room and versatility and, though plastics quality could be better, has a standard of fit and finish equal to the best Japanese family saloons.
Despite its size and weight, the GTC feels small, wieldy and compact.
It is no B-road stormer, leaving that role to smaller and more wieldy machines.
First, it is considerably more wieldy, both in its physical size and in the clarity with which the basic information is presented.
Like a trial, the Rushdie incident pares down individuals and ideas with internally complex, ambiguous life stories to produce wieldy but simplistic plaintiff-defendant oppositions.
The ADA is proving to be a wieldy weapon for the disabled in the area of public access," said Tom Hagy, editor of the report.
This is a stark contrast to much paler alternative technologies which are both cumbersome (requiring a wieldy sequence of 6-24 separate pictures to only produce a 360-by-60-degree image) and limited (cannot provide top to bottom views of images thereby failing to provide a completely immersive experience).
The C63 gets contoured seats set behind a wieldy AMG wheel and recalibrated AMG dials.
As soft-riding as a Bentley and just as plush, it feels wieldy, compact and urgent.
And that helps make it a very wieldy car, especially for something built tall to ape a proper 4x4, even if a roughish grass field is likely to be the toughest test it ever encounters.
Ferociously fast, impossibly smoothriding, it handles like a wieldy GTi, yet speaks (when you want it to) as softly as Nigel Havers.