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A closer look at Nina Grieg reveals a true artist, with a compromised voice, perhaps resulting from poor technique or injury; a brilliant musician, tortured by her perceived vocal inadequacies; and an extroverted, talented woman fulfilling nineteenth century expectations of wifedom, by living in her husband's shadow.
The relationship between feminism and wifedom is so strained that this misplaced compliment elicited horror in my third-wave mind.
Wifedom then becomes a condition of homelessness, not unlike the one that first motivated Eulalie and Golden's migrations.
She was last seen in 1990's "Stanley and Iris" opposite Robert De Niro, before retiring into a mix of trophy wifedom and philanthropic activism with then-husband Ted Trainer in 1991.
So why, in the case of these well-educated women, does it involve a return to wifedom in the most radically conservative mode--virtually marriage as a form of prostitution?
As more critics misread her masterpiece as a tale about failed wifedom or failed romance, Chopin fell into a depressive decline.
This look at the underbelly of wifedom in the White House certainly preceded the Clinton years.
Baffled by the wild behavior and hallucinatory antics of her son in her bed chamber and caught by his "wild, whirling words," some of which strike home in the direction of her wedded Queenly bliss, Gertrude's notions of maternality, wifedom, and Queenliness are at once confused.
Billed as a celebration of wifedom, this is a cornucopia of anecdotes, tips and gossipy stories, doling out highbrow, profound advice like, "Tell him it's PMS - even if you're just being a grumpy cow.
Although the facts change, Bird submits the majority of lives to a single reading: once graduated from child-raising and wifedom, opportunity awaits.