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Guoxiong Chen has since returned to China and achieved full professorship while continuing his study of the Judean Desert's wild barley for which he enrolled an international team of scholars from China, Japan, Switzerland and Israel.
After harvesting, wild barley seeds could conceivably have been placed in a container for storage.
In this study, we developed an AB population with the wild barley accession OUH602 as a resistance donor and Harrington as a recurrent parent to (i) validate resistance QTLs for the foliar diseases identified in our OUH602/Harrington RIL population, (ii) determine the genomic location of adult plant spot blotch resistance, (iii) assess the genetic characteristics of the AB population, and (iv) provide access to novel OUH602 alleles in an adapted genetic background for further breeding and genetics applications.
In dense patches of wild barley and wild wheat located in three Israeli regions, Kislev's team observed thick carpets of ripened grains that had fallen and were easy to collect from May to October.
Twenty plant species were selected for allelopathic potential on wild barley and wheat.
While natural wild barley tends to be two rowed, most farmers prefer to grow a much higher yield 6 row version which produces up to 3 times as many grains.
In barley, only 40 to 56% of the alleles found in wild barley are present in elite breeding lines and cultivated barleys (Ellis et al.
Estimating the outcrossing rate of barley landraces and wild barley populations collected from ecologically different regions of Jordan.
We have found all these nine types in barley except that the A-I type, which was only found in wild barley H.
278); the landraces of which are the evolutionary link between wild barley (Hordeum spontaneum K.
Linkage of rust resistance genes from wild barley (Hordeum spontaneum) with isozyme markers.