wild uproar

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I was knocked backward fully a dozen feet before I fetched up against the ground, and I remember, half-stunned, even as the blow was struck, hearing the wild uproar of clucking and shrieking laughter that arose from the caves.
Five foaming streams, rushing through as many gorges, and swelled and turbid by the recent rains, united together in one mad plunge of nearly eighty feet, and fell with wild uproar into a deep black pool scooped out of the gloomy looking rocks that lay piled around, and thence in one collected body dashed down a narrow sloping channel which seemed to penetrate into the very bowels of the earth.
The house was in wild uproar for the popular hero who was bound to win.
Her cries had been the signal for a wild uproar above; the house was full of people, and as he entered the hallway he saw them rushing hither and thither, crying and screaming with alarm.
Delacroix epitomises the Romantic spirit in French painting, breaking the orderliness of neoclassicism with his thrilling, expressive brushwork and scenes of wild uproar, and paving the way for Impressionism and all its offspring.
I gazed down at their nametags, an awkward moment, really, but the wild uproar of finally recognizing each other compensated for the uncomfortable pause.
The second episode was even more spectacular in its alleged content, causing a steady, wild uproar among the cheerleaders of the government supporters nested in the media.