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The news that Smike had been caught and brought back in triumph, ran like wild-fire through the hungry community, and expectation was on tiptoe all the morning.
the saying flew round the arena with the speed of wild-fire, and every neck craned forward to see the famous fellows who had dared to brave the King's anger, because of the Queen.
He stared at it in amaze, his brain a racing wild-fire of hypotheses to account for this far-journeyer who had adventured the night of space, threaded the stars, and now rose before him and above him, exhumed by patient anthropophagi, pitted and lacquered by its fiery bath in two atmospheres.
But now it spread like wild-fire, it became universal.
THOUSANDS of families north of Sacramento, California, have been told to flee after erratic winds blew embers across wild-fire containment lines.
We are aware, as happens in every disaster, that rumors and inaccurate information spread like wild-fire," Dale said in a statement.
A Duran Duran spokesman said: 'We are expecting Duran Duran's dedicated army of fans to turn out in force as both HMV stores have already been inundated by phone calls, based on rumours of the band's appearance that spread like wild-fire last week.
Not only do we buy the book, we spread the word like wild-fire, among our friends and relatives.
So how are hundreds of people legally allowed to set free hundreds of potential wild-fires on the wind?
In 2007 more wild-fires destroyed over 15,000 acres of private and public lands, stretching from Big Bear Valley to Lake Arrowhead.
10 reported that the losses the Russian economy may suffer because of the heat-wave, drought and wild-fires may amount to 1% of the country's 2010 GDP.
But people who have spent their lives in Yakutia told us repeatedly that they remember no such plague of wild-fires in the years before intensive timber cutting came to the Lena basin.