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as you cruise along the river, it is easy to wile away the hours peering at villages on the banks, passing bamboo rafts, ships carrying logs and birds sweeping down the river.
A perfect book to wile away a few minutes with toddlers
I really want this story to be true, but as I wile away the hours wasting my imagination pondering Moss' choice of starchy weapon, I wonder what Paltrow's personal trainer would have to say about it all.
What is setting me off is a story of uneasy marriage of music and technology, which includes symphony orchestras inviting audiences to wile away an hour with Tchaikovsky by tapping on their smartphones and iPads, the doors leading to the corridors separating pop and classical must remain wide open
EATING out at lunchtime is a pleasant way to wile away the hours, especially if work doesn't demand your return after a last hurried mouthful.
You might find yourself content to wile away the hours, talking about little more than titbits.
The goings-on of a hospital, however, are enough to wile away the longest of hungry hours.
The children wile away the summer days playing on the local railway, where they make the acquaintance of station porter Mr Perks (Cribbins) and the Old Gentleman (William Mervyn) who waves to them from his first class carriage every morning.
99 WHEN it's snowing outside there's nothing better than a bonkbuster to wile away those housebound hours.
They'll wake up Saturday, wile away the day in the hotel with a few meetings mixed in and then head to Sam Boyd Stadium for the 8 p.
Wendy said: "Quite often there are a lot of girls starting out on the search and others who just want to wile away an afternoon by going to a wedding fair.
If you're like me--can't afford to do any luxurious travels this year--you'll be finding other ways to wile away your free time.