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My partner was extremely impressed and happily wiled away nearly two hours wandering around the beautiful house which gave a glimpse into elegant Georgian living.
Anyone who has ever wiled away an afternoon reading Greek or African myths will likely be intrigued by this beautiful collection of stories told by residents of the Arctic Circle, including the Inuits, Eskimos, northern Siberians, and northern European Russian groups.
The best friends wiled away the hazy days of summer by dangling a worm from a bent pin on the end of a bamboo pole.
A draughtsman by trade, he wiled away some of his fractured home time making a model illustrating exactly how, when he charged with his men in the big push, they would be mown down by a machine gun built into the base of a memorial in the remains of the civilian cemetery 300 yards away.
Kozinski, now married with three children, was a late intellectual bloomer who, before graduating at the top of his law class at UCLA, wiled away his time wooing women in such unusual places as television's Dating Game, which he won with an audaciously smarmy pick-up line: "Good afternoon, the flower of my heart.
The story revolves around one of those perennial arguments that wiled away those endless hours on Olympus.
The players had wiled away the journey from the team hotel in the capital Torshavn to the stadium in Toftir by watching US comedy Happy Gilmore, but Vogts now believes that had been a major distraction.