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The hunt for the fleece can be interpreted as a search for enlightenment and, having succeeded in the quest, Laertis passed his wisdom on to his son, who became renowned as the wiliest of Greek heroes while fighting at Troy and during the long odyssey home.
Of course, Warnock has been around the block and is one of England's wiliest managers.
These wiliest of omnivorous birds, one of our most notorious nest robbers, have figured out how to get an easy meal from the nesting plovers.
D i Natale may be one of the wiliest strikers in Italy but he has a high r e g a r d for a couple of defenders he could clash with in South Africa.
Getting student loan reform passed as part of health bill reconciliation was a maneuver worthy of Lyndon Johnson at his wiliest.
Most northern shrewdies consider Dods as being one of the wiliest handlers on the circuit - and with just cause.
Gravity is a natural force that can't be outsmarted by even the wiliest humans.
For those restless beasts and their cubs, the year-round Greater Vancouver Zoo has attractions and activities to satisfy even the wiliest temperaments.
The wiliest of the males will be spending the rest of their day--and night--sleeping peacefully in a flower.
Yet faced with unsung Avram Grant, the wiliest old gunslinger in town took aim and shot himself in the foot.
Just as the big banks put the finishing touches to what was billed to be another season of resounding results, up pops HSBC -reputedly the wiliest of them all and an excellent parent of the erstwhile Midland Bank - with a reminder that, with all their clever computerised credit-pricing systems, bankers can still make horrendous mistakes.