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If it has seen the Zionists at their vicious and wiliest worst, setting new precedents of inhumanity, ruthlessness and pure evil, it has also witnessed amazing grace, courage and fortitude in the line of fire, literally, from the other side.
Even the wiliest of residents has been known to crack under the relentless pressure of these harrowing encounters, in which the interrogator--their attending--routinely employs psychological intimidation, verbal backstabbing, and mental torture reminiscent of the Spanish Inquisition.
They are among the wealthiest, wiliest, and most influential figures of our society.
One man who knows all about what Zaha is capable of is that wiliest of all old campaigners Neil Warnock.
Berbatov and Bent are regarded as two of the wiliest men in the top flight when it comes to grabbing goals.
Muharraq's Charlie Parker and Al Ahli's Brian Lester are arguably the two wiliest tacticians and undoubtedly two of the biggest characters in Bahraini basketball at the moment.
Assad's Alawite military and security forces, the key pillar of his minority regime founded in a 1970 military coup by his late father, Hafez Assad, one of the wiliest of modern Arab strongmen, is Iran's strategic gateway to the Levant, access to the Mediterranean, and the very doorstep of Israel.
Tiptoeing among Rasa's gulls in his oversize Converse sneakers and bright yellow shorts, he sets the trap for Velarde's wiliest birds with a tiny lasso, steps back a few paces, and yanks the string.
Even the best, most effective lie can become threadbare from overuse; even the wiliest liar can get found out, in time.
And indeed it might have been, but for the introduction of that wiliest of old footballing foxes.
Of course, Warnock has been around the block and is one of England's wiliest managers.
With a former beauty queen in the hot seat, the "Fog of War" director applies his trademark truth-seeking methods to his wiliest subject yet: Joyce McKinney, a former Miss Wyoming-turned-Mormon "sex in chains" kidnapper, whose disarming candor masks untold levels of delusion.