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This sexual epistemology, moreover, amounts to "a gendered double whammy" in which the first woman's responsibility for the Fall is mirrored in the feminized snake who also embodies woman's duplicity, ambition, and wiliness (21-22).
Ronald Reagan, however vivid and appealing his diagnosis of government inefficiency, had underestimated the wiliness and tenacity that an administrative ruling class would bring to the defense of its prerogatives.
Once-innocent Flavia uncovers a wiliness in herself through the influence of Il Sicofante, the apothecary.
Clark played across the line of the ball but Patel showed all the wiliness that brought him his England caps to Richardson and Pringle, holding the ball back later than either expected.
The wiliness of Duterte's band was the realization that only a genuine political movement can dominate a multisided contest with motherhood statements floated as palliatives to the people.
Likewise his foresight and wiliness are Protean, as is the prophetic role which he plays in the dreams of Theagenes and Charicleia after his death (Hld.
If it were to inspire fear in this context, ingenio would seem to encompass the astuteness and wiliness more typical of a Cortes than a Gongora.
Finding himself in rugged locations such as the Andes, Alaska, and Madagascar, Wiesman's skills, wiliness, and just plain good luck enabled him to ramble desolate jungles, swamps, deserts, and outback in freezing, baking, torrid, and occasionally oxygen-deprived habitats.
Nonetheless, this event heralded an increasing wiliness of Russia to violate arms treaties concerned with medium range threats, such as the Intermediate-Range Nuclear (INF) treaty.
Theodor's savvy wiliness has supported the smooth functioning of the baronial manor, but he threatens to quit his service because of his treatment at the hands of Jaromir, tht pater familias.
Cuevas sent down six aces but fourteen - time Grand Slam champion Nadal's wiliness and sheer doggedness reeled him in.
Knowing that they had limited opportunities for sanctions against Iran's wiliness, the P5+1 countries responded with economic embargoes.