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The same Providence which has willed that the concluding step in the geometrical calculation I have had the honor of describing to your royal highness should be your ascension to the throne, and the destruction of him who is hurtful to you, has also determined that the conquered one shall soon end both his own and your sufferings.
It was for that very reason that my father willed that I should come forth into the world at my twentieth year," said Alleyne.
25 (ANI): Late Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington has willed his entire estate to his family.
We acknowledge that Christianity is neither an accident nor an error, but the willed divine outcome and gift to the nations," the seven-paragraph statement, issued on Dec.
The Willed Body Program at the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine is a new whole body anatomical donation program open to adult individuals in the region who are interested in donating the ultimate gift to medical education and research.
In his response Cunningham asks "[whether] it is possible for members of one religious community to acknowledge that the Other may have a different but nonetheless divinely willed religious encounter with the one God that leads to a distinct, evolving tradition in which the outsider does not participate and [which] possibly includes aspects that the outsider would reject" (53).
2 : to bring to a certain condition by the power of the will will yourself to sleep <Jonas felt himself losing consciousness and with his whole being willed himself to stay upright .
Jean must postpone her first big legal case to battle, instead, her grandmother and uncle over the land willed to her mother.
CoGS did not act on a recommendation from the financial committee that the national church no longer include unspecified bequests (funds willed to General Synod) in future budgets.
Bernard of Clairvaux, he observes that relatively few people make a serious effort to give up deliberately willed venial sins and even fewer grow into heroic virtue and live as saints.
WHEN my estranged husband died he willed our house to relatives abroad.
The Willed Body Program at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), which was suspended in March 2004 after a scandal in which two employees engaged in selling body parts from cadavers that had been donated to its school of medicine, will be allowed to open soon, according to the Los Angeles Times.