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UCLA's willed body program, the oldest in the country, had been receiving about 175 donated bodies every year and had a waiting list of more than 11,000 individuals willing to donate before the program was suspended on March 9, 2004 following allegations 2 employees had engaged in selling body parts from cadavers that had been donated to the school of medicine.
For it is widely reported that, once we allow a person's actions or character to be explained in terms of cause and effect, the primary basis for personal responsibility-the freely willed choice-evaporates.
IVF is neither in fact achieved nor positively willed as an expression and fruit of a specific act of conjugal union.
The preliminary injunction would remain in place until a settlement or verdict is reached on a lawsuit filed in behalf of the families of individuals who donated the bodies of loved ones to the university's willed body program.
UCLA officials accused Ernest Nelson, a university employee, of acting as the middleman by buying the body parts from Henry Reid, director of the willed body program and then selling them to a number of large medical research companies.
If the Church, in fact, is our Church, if we alone are the Church, if her structures are not willed by Christ, then it is no longer possible to conceive of the existence of a hierarchy as a service to the baptized established by the Lord himself.
CEA has grown tremendously over the years -- from humble beginnings in the Brack Shops of Los Angeles in 1924 where CEA was willed into existence by the collective vision of a few local practitioners chatting over coffee; to 2005, with 30 regional associations and more than 2,000 members, and a state-wide focus on education, professional designation, legislation, and inter-organizational liaisons.
That is why the excessively empathetic tend to be vulnerable to the artful schemes of evil and blind to the preternatural malice of Satan; for they readily believe that everyone is good willed and are thus dangerously unsuspecting.
In the latest instance, New Yorker Doug Roby, who died in January at age 56, willed as much as $2 million to Harvard College Library, according to his estate's executor, the Rev.
Unlike George Balanchine, who willed selected ballets to particular dancers associated with them, Robbins made no such mentions.
With these later works it is as though Neri had learned that not all deaths are humanly willed and violent.
So much so, they planned another meeting and the same year, willed the California Escrow Association into existence.