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Tonight, the owner of a mini-market, who taught me that willful disregard does not equate to stupidity, passed away.
Any words of praise the president or his aides and supporters may offer to the brave men and women working in law enforcement and the intelligence community ring hollow, because his actions repeatedly show a willful disregard for separation of powers, justice, and objective investigatory work.
But it is more a breach of contract than" a willful disregard of professional obligations.
The teacher showed a willful disregard for professionally accepted safety standards when overseeing students using a table saw, creating a factual dispute on the issue of gross negligence, the court ruled.
Equally unacceptable is the willful disregard of the atrocities being committed by Indian security forces against innocent Kashimiri civilians.
Lagdameo's statement doesn't just underscore his willful disregard of the brutality of Duterte's 'drug war.
In addition, it's been our generation's complacency and willful disregard toward the facts of climate change and global warming that make this lawsuit all the more important to our survival as a species.
This rule was clearly intended "to deal with cases of willful disregard of duty, of conscious failure on the part of accountants, or of undebatable culpability.
While the laws provide legal immunity against ordinary negligence (doing something that an average, reasonable person would not do), there is generally no immunity provided for "gross negligence," which is defined as reckless and willful disregard for the safety of others.
She added: "It is the distance of getting to Hartlepool and not willful disregard that is the issue.
This is further evidence of the administration's continued willful disregard for the facts on the ground in light of Iranian aggression in the region," he said.