willfully disregard

See: ignore
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To willfully disregard diplomatic and other peaceful ways of dealing with disagreements and disputes in favor of economic or physical coercion is destabilizing and dangerous," he said.
Truck and bus companies and commercial drivers who willfully disregard safety regulations will not be allowed to operate on our highways and roads.
Rigorous civil enforcement has been coupled with the threat of criminal prosecution of employers who knowingly or willfully disregard their Form 1-9 responsibilities for commercial advantage.
The question was: Does the Oregon Constitution mean what it says or is the city of Eugene or other governmental bodies at liberty to willfully disregard and try to manipulate stipulations that are part of the constitution because the funds raised may go to what is deemed by city voters a good cause?
Kucker says, "No one wants to willfully disregard this act, since all attorneys want to follow the law.
I could not survive without it as an active person in my field, and I have little or no understanding for those who fail to recognize, or who willfully disregard, the rejuvenating and benevolent influence of crystalline, open young minds.
Jason Salavon, for example, has been doing so for years, but where Salavon tends to use different kinds of information (films, statistics) as abstractable content, Arcangel simply lets the tools be tools and asks whether the results can be deemed a successful failure; he willfully disregards his materials, itself a time-honored strategy for artmaking.
Those pundits engaged recently in "I told you so's" about American real estate or exchange rate bubbles would claim that this very sameness and intellectualization of central banking is precisely the problem: the narrow Bernanke-led syllabus for monetary policy willfully disregards the risks of instability from asset price bubbles in favor of academic principle.
willfully disregards the fact that not all kids learn at the same pace or should be expected to do so" (quoted in O'Neil & Tell, 1999, p.