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Like Alcibiades he is inspired with an ardent desire of knowledge, and is equally willing to learn of Socrates and of the Sophists.
It is not easy to convince your partner to try new things and you should not be willing to give up on your fantasies yet.
Well, like the President has said, you know, he has given his-I'm sure the gentlemen are willing to.
A survey by Standard and Poor's Global Market Intelligence has suggested that older millennials are willing to pay for mobile-banking apps.
According to the study of 3,897 mobile bank app users, age is the biggest influencer on whether a person is willing to pay for mobile banking apps.
Some 62% of households had a total monthly income considered large enough to afford to pay for voluntary medical male circumcision; however, just 40% of household heads reported being willing to pay for the procedure.
Querying over 1,000 consumers nationwide, on average Americans were only willing to spend about USD 6.
About 89 percent said they are extremely or somewhat satisfied with the Medicare coverage they have now, and 61 percent said they are willing to pay 5 percent more to keep their current coverage.
The omnibus survey showed 34% of mortgage holders in the UK would be willing to pay a higher monthly amount to fix despite the UK still experiencing historically low interest rates.
Those who aren't willing to give should go to the bottom of the waiting list.
Those wishing to conceive would sacrifice most things to have a baby, with more than 90% willing to cut down on saving for the future and everyday activities in order to fund fertility treatment.
The Star-Ledger (8/29/09) reports that there is a widespread absence of parents in Newark, and Willing Heart is trying hard to begin to fill that difficult void.