willing help

See: aid, charity, help
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I am beginning to feel the want of his honest advice and his willing help already.
But there are hundreds of Oxbridge men who would be willing help promote our wonderful game.
Sponsorship packages are available with exposure for those willing help Dusty fight this debilitating disease through The Road to Hope 2014 project.
He praised James for being a "very willing volunteer" who is always willing help and support people within the station.
Kate will have plenty of willing help to look after her firstborn, but William promises to be the jewel in the crown.
Summary: Paris: France is willing help Libya secure its borders from militant Islamist groups fleeing Mali, .
The QWRS team regularly visits the Al Shaheen oil field in the summer months when the fish aggregate, and this would not be possible without the willing help of the Qatari Coast Guard.
But Jayawardene found some willing help lower down the order as Nuwan Kulasekara (32) and Perera (22) unloaded on the Indian attack in the batting powerplay.
They know where these cases are - and it's their responsibility to identify these cases and investigate them, and we're willing help.
Consequently, the regime is really in a desperate situation, and it will never hesitate to spend whatever money it takes to bribe just about anybody and everybody, who is willing help them achieve their goals.
The story about the building work and the willing help from everyone (Daily Post April 26) was a good and refreshing read.
Gardening would be very different for me without their willing help and company.