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It is landowners' attitudes toward harvesting that influences their willingness to harvest.
Keywords: Project Managers' Effectiveness Willingness Organization Support Telecom Industry
The scale for measuring willingness to share knowledge was based on the line of reasoning developed by Senge (1998).
We propose a multi-factor model and test several hypotheses using survey data collected from 431 global managers and 162 spouses/significant others that examine the degree to which individual, family, and organizational variables influence managerial willingness to accept not only the more traditional multi-year, but also the increasingly common traveling and short-term global assignments.
Residents of Alberta were the least likely to indicate willingness at 56%.
Consider that among Israel's numerous sins, the one God cited repeatedly was the Israelites' willingness to "burn their sons and daughters in the fire," resulting in His chosen nation's conquest and displacement by foreign hordes.
passive use values) and ex ante willingness to pay under uncertainty (Whitehead and Blomquist 2006).
Your willingness is a key that unlocks life's abundance.
NSO Cabarrus visited the Craigs at the fair in 2005 and was impressed with the girls' knowledge and handling of their 4-H hogs, as well as their willingness to assist disabled veterans.
Merritt 7 was the ideal location and we are extremely pleased that the landlord's flexibility and willingness to accommodate Principal's needs made this deal happen.
Recently, Wann and colleagues have conducted a series of studies examining the willingness of sport fans to consider engaging in anonymous acts of aggression and other illegal behaviors.